A fun way to develop your golf game.

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Boys and girls Age 6-15 who have received some instruction or attended a clinic/camp.


4-5 player team format matched by age and gender. Includes weekly team practice & scramble match.


Hosted at various golf courses in your area.  See our registration page for participating courses.


The League operates each Spring and Fall, beginning in March and ending in October.

Originally founded in 2011 as the Oconee Junior Golf League — and then North Georgia Junior Golf —  North American Junior Golf Leagues operate each Spring and Fall. The League is open to players age 6-15, and includes a Foundations division (6-11) and a Skills division (12-15). Emphasizing team camaraderie and competition, the League is great way for young players to make new friends and have fun while developing their golf game! This program is the starting point for “on-course” play for ALL skill levels after a player has been introduced to the basics through individual lessons or attending a camp/clinic.  The video above is an example of the on-course play that your Junior Golfer will experience.

The League is structured in a team format, whereby groups of 4-5 players (boys and girls teams) are matched up together to form the team in either the Foundations Division or the Skills Division based on age. Each team has an adult coach that guides the group during the matches, as well as any practices that are set up. Through our League + Academy option, players can sign up for discounted instruction from a local teaching pro in a group-clinic structure, providing hands-on guidance on the basic fundamentals of the game.

Matches are played once per week for 7 weeks in the Spring sessions; 6 weeks in the Fall session.  Juniors play from age appropriate yardages. Foundations division teams play a Scramble format, and Skills division groups play a “Super-Scramble” (aka Shamble) where each player plays his/her own ball with stroke limits in place. Each team plays its matches on a set day and time each week (easy for parent scheduling) and you can register as an individual OR put together your own team.  At the end of the season, teams with the lowest cumulative scores in each Division are determined to be the winning team for the season and receive prizes/trophies.  Winning teams in each Division from the Spring season are entered into our Regional Playoff and compete to make it to our League Championship round in the Summer.

The NAJG League serves as a starting point for young junior golfers to learn and develop their game on the course after they have been introduced to the basics through a lesson or clinics/camps. Most League players also decide to join the NAJG Tour to compete on an individual level. Together, the NAJG Tour and the NAJG League have become one of the top junior golf development programs that you will find anywhere in the country.

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