Tournament Entry Fees

Players will be required to pay an entry fee when registering for each tournament. The entry fee varies based on venue, event type, age division and number of holes played.

  • 9 Hole Divisions = $55 – 75
  • 18 Hole Divisions = $75 – 95
  • 9 Hole Divisions = $95 – 115
  • 18 Hole Divisions = $155 – 195

The deadline to enter for all events is typically at 9:00am TWO DAYS prior to the 1st Round of the Tournament. All tournament registrations and entry fees MUST be submitted online through your BlueGolf membership account. Entries WILL NOT be accepted by mail, phone, text, email, drop off, etc.

Withdrawals & Fee Transfers

All requests to withdraw must be received by a NAJG staff member via text message or email, no later than 9:00am TWO DAYS prior to the 1st Round of the Tournament. A player that withdraws may transfer their entry fee to a future tournament; however, transfers will not be issued if a player withdraws after the deadline.

Any credits or transfers due to inclement weather will be decided on a case-by-case basis. If a tournament is shortened, but final results are posted and prizes are awarded, there will be no adjustments.

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